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“Camille Harvey is a very caring, competent, and organized care giver and companion. Camille’s experience as an educator provides her with excellent skills to understand and sense others’ needs and wants. She served as a trustworthy companion for my parents for several years. Camille delivered their mail in the morning while checking on them. She encouraged my dad to share stories of his life while she sorted and labeled photos for albums that are priceless family treasures. Camille performed several care giver duties when a crisis arose with my parents. She kept the family informed of changes in my parents’ ability to perform routine tasks while treating Mom and Dad with great respect. After my mother became a resident at KRCC, Camille provided social connection with frequent visits. I highly recommend Camille Harvey as a trusted care giver and companion."

                                  Esther Eustice


"My sister was still working full-time when she moved into our mother's home.  This was a wonderful option for them both; neither liked living alone, mother needed a little bit of help but was happiest in her own home.  We were able to get the help of a daily companion for her.  For a modest amount of money, mom's "friend" would come to her home, help mom as needed, and do simple things that helped mom retain her dignity and as much independence as possible.  This began as a transaction, with us paying for the daytime help that none of us could provide, but it became a friendship for mom and a blessing for us.  We knew that mom was enjoying the companionship.  We knew that mom was safe and well."  

Mary Lou Aune 

(on the value of senior care)

"I recommend Camille for companion care.  She has helped my mother immensely in her home and driving to appointments. Camille communicates with me after appointments and gives me updates on the care she's given. I feel my mom is safe and treated kindly during Camille's visits. I appreciate this service very much."                                                                Sharon Schmidt

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